Beaches in
Seal Beach California

Located at the mouth of Alamitos Bay, Seal Beach California provides access for boats and yachts entering the Pacific Ocean from Huntington Harbor.

This is a quaint seaside community on the northern most border of Orange County. Old Town Seal Beach features a beautiful beach and pier and a shady tree-lined Main Street where visitors can stroll along several city blocks.

Beaches in Seal Beach

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Seal Beach

Located in the westernmost corner of Orange County is Seal Beach California. This beach has the 2nd longest wooden pier in California, mostly used for fishing and sightseeing.

The Seal Beach Pier and the river - "Stingray Bay" are popular surfing spots. Surfers nicknamed it, "Ray Bay" the mouth of the San Gabriel River. Heated water from several upstream power plants attract the stingrays.

This beach has really great beach shopping and free parking. You can't beat that! Its a family-friendly beach to visit. Stroll on the pier, shop and there are plenty of places to eat.

Surfside Beach

Or sometimes referred to as Surfside Colony which is a small gated community with 3 rows of houses, lettered A, B and C. Most people hardly know this little place exists.  It is said that no home in the colony is more than 75 feet from the sand.

There are no restaurants, stores or visitor parking. Surfside Beach overlooks the Pacific Ocean to the West and Long Beach to the north, between Seal Beach and Sunset Beach.

Residents can watch cargo ships, tankers and military ships come into port. Watching sail boats and spotting dolphins from time to time is always fun.

For more info on the Surfside Colony call 562-592-2352

Sunset Beach

Windsurfers love this beach! It also offers volleyball nets, soft sand, good enough restrooms and fabulous views of the Long Beach skyline.

Ideal for launching kayaks is the bay across the street from Sunset Beach. There are no beach concessions but there is a Jack in the Box!

In southern California, Sunset Beach is one of the widest beaches. Running parallel to the beach, is the Green Belt. From the north of town to the southern edge. Its a 14 acre park.

The parking is free and very close to the beach but its in a residential area so parking is limited. It fills up quickly so get there early. The good news is that the beach is not crowded because people can't find a place to park.

If you're looking for a beach with a lot going on, this is not the beach for you. Its just a relaxing place to kick back in the sun.

Located just north of Huntington Beach (just above Bolsa Chica) and south of Seal Beach California.

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