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Plan your trip in the RIGHT order
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Planning a trip for the perfect California vacation is really quite simple by using these 5 steps. I've created this hassle-free planner by doing a lot of research to find the best deals possible.

I've gone through the internet with a fine-tooth-comb and I'm convinced these are the best deals out there. So sit back, relax, just follow the steps below and soon you'll be enjoying the California vacation you've always dreamed about!

Follow the steps here to book your trip and get Trippin Thru California insider tips and secret ways of getting discounts.

Step #1

Decide where in California you want to visit. This is the funest step! (is that a word?) Just click through this site. All the fun places and things to do are listed. Still can't decide? Okay then, narrow it down to two places then toss a coin!

Great! Now move on to Step #2. If you don't need airfare, then move on to Step #3 and so on.

Step #2

Cheap Flights..

Cheap Flights to California

This link also includes:

  • Airport Parking
  • Priority Pass
  • Rental Cars

Step #3

Plush Hotel..

Hotel Deals

San Francisco Hotel Deals

Los Angeles Hotel Deals

San Diego Hotel Deals

Step #4


How to save money on tickets to the

HOTTEST Attractions

Step #5

Discounts and Coupons..

Trippin Thru California's Insider tips on how to get

Discounts, Deals and Coupons

California Vacation Planner Top of Page

Thank you for visiting Trippin' Thru California! Hope you enjoy discovering new "things to do" and "fun places" as much as I do!

Webmaster at Trippin Thru California...

Welcome to California!

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