Encinitas California

Encinitas California is an authentic and vibrant beach town and the beaches are coveted by locals as hidden gems. Its an eclectic mix of 60s inspired beach culture combined with new age meditation gardens, yoga studies, contemporary restaurants, boutique shopping and lots of surfing.

Beaches in Encinitas include:

  • Boneyard Beach
  • D Street Viewpoint
  • Encintas Beach
  • Leucadia State Beach
  • Moonlight State Beach
  • Beacon's Beach
  • Ponto Beach
  • Seaside Gardens Park
  • Stone Steps Beach
  • Swami's Beach
  • Grandview Beach

Moonlight Beach - Find all the perks a beach has to offer including public parking, volleyball courts, fire rings, restrooms, lifeguards and picnic areas with tables. Located a few blocks west of downtown Encinitas, this beach makes for a nice day hanging out at the Pacific Ocean.

Its flat, sandy and perfect for a day of sunning and picnicking. The parking area above the beach is ample but you'll probably want to get there early on summer days to get a spot. There are quite a few fire pits, but again, you'll need to get there early to snag one.

Leucadia State Beach - Excellent swimming, surfing and fishing. Located just south of Carlsbad with luxury beach homes perched just above the beach. This area was once an agricultural community where farmers grew ornamental plants, flowers and tomatoes.

Two small parking lots, no restrooms or lifeguards. There is a strip of businesses along South Coast Highway 101 where you'll find restaurants, surf shops and taco eateries.

Swami's Beach - Located at the south end of Encinitas. Swami's is a famous surf beach in Encinitas. Its your classic California point break. Also a great place to sit on the bluff and watch the surfers, the view is amazing.

Not a lot of parking here, especially if the swells are big. You decend onto the beach using a steep wooden staircase, so don't bring a lot of stuff down for the kids unless you don't mind hauling it back up the stairs.

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