Dont Drink and Drive

I can’t stress this enough! Dont Drink and Drive! Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally preventable. It’s about decisions and consequences.

Don't Drink and Drive!..

We often don’t think about potential consequences until it’s too late to change the situation. By human nature almost everyone thinks, “Bad things only happen to other people… It will never happen to me”. Guess what? Think again! Just don't do it!

Don't Drink and Drive..

Every 30 minutes, someone is killed in an alcohol-related crash.
No matter how much a person drinks, or how they appear to be able to “hold their own”, nobody should drive after drinking. They put others at risk every time they get behind the wheel, not to mention their own life.

I'm sure you've heard the messages:

  • Don't Drink and Drive
  • Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk
  • Please Drink Responsibly
Buzzed Driving..

There is a reason you hear these messages over and over again. If you don’t drink and drive, you just might save a life!

Use good judgment! Don't do it. Don’t be a dumb-ass! There are things a person can do if they have been drinking (or know they will be drinking) to prevent themselves from driving while intoxicated.

Things that work:

Most important: Plan it out before you start drinking!

  • Figure out who will be the designated driver before drinking. Give them the keys before drinking or visa/versa take your friends keys if you are the designated driver.
  • Call a cab.
  • If the destination is nearby, walk home.
  • If you are at family or a friends house, make plans in advance to spend the night.

These all apply even if you've only had one drink!

Things that don't work:

  • A cold shower
  • Fresh air - (give me a break!)
  • Coffee

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